A Transformational Marketing Strategy can change your Brand’s Growth Trajectory

July 17, 2015

A marketing strategy research, analytics, and research company can help you move your brand from where it currently stands to where you want it to be.

 From market research in emerging economies or periodic tracking of competition to an enterprise-wide ‘Research Helpdesk’ solution or template driven analytical reports for senior management – Marketing Research Consultancies are engaged for a range of customized research needs, some that are simple or routine tasks and many that are complex in nature such as market analysis, feasibility reports or business plans.

Organisations deploy Marketing Research Consultancy for senior level research to:

  • Shape strategy and drive profitability by deploying full array of Research Tools.
  • To understand and help build brands and thereby guide brand positioning
  • In-depth understanding of consumers and the markets within which you operate
  • To help explore and establish the potential for competitive advantage
  • To help ensure their fitment for purpose in changing and competitive markets.
  • To monitor their progress and thus, help to achieve their business objectives
  • To establish best practices for research/insights and get maximum leverage from limited resources

Points to be remembered while choosing a Marketing Research Consultancy:

  • Relevancy of team of analysts and their domain experience
  • Project Manager with extensive research or consulting experience as the single point of contact for client team
  • Help provide a Marketing Audit to help evaluate current practices, brand performance, and existing insights into your customers
  • Extensive planning steps including blank slides, hypotheses, decision trees, checklists, data sources etc.
  • Their expertise in Training – internal and if required, clients
  • Milestone definition for interim reviews – internal and with client team
  • Robust multi-stage quality assurance mechanism
  • Emphasis on report quality: ‘story-boarding’, insights, data-richness, breadth / depth of analysis

Thus, the marketing consulting services can help you dramatically improve revenues, profits, and brand equity.

– Team Coral

Coral Research a Marketing Research Consultancy

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