Advertising Tracking

June 27, 2017

Advertising tracking is widely deployed by the advertising research agencies to check the effectiveness of any ad campaign. Sometimes ad tracking is conducted to evaluate the combined effect of media on the overall purchase of the product, the spending behaviour of the end consumer and the quality of execution of the advertising process.

A lot of companies create their own methodologies for post-testing or to track the performance of a brand. A lot of times they are also used to assess consumer awareness for the brand. The results of the research are used to determine the cost effectiveness of the campaign and to gauge the investment returns. Ad tracking checks the advertising campaigns of competitors and analyses their positioning in the market. It serves as an important tool to evaluate the impact of the campaign, how well the campaign was executed and how effectively it was positioned in various media.

Today companies rely more on online tools for their study to evaluate the returns on advertising campaigns instead of using offline methods. The most common method is interviewing a small number of people and recording their responses to a set but small questionnaire. This is faster and convenient than other processes.

It is commonly seen that companies are shying away from traditional means of advertising and moving their focus to digital methods. The kind of creativity and strategic brilliance we see today was not possible earlier due to limited technology. Online tracking has become an essential part of the branding strategy because of sheer number of people who access social media on a daily basis. Online tools have made it fairly easy to track the number of users accessing information or to track how many are talking about you. Social media intelligence provides an insight on the consumer behaviour in the rapidly changing market trends without impacting the thought process of the end user.

Advertising agencies undergo high performance pressure especially when the stakes are higher. With bigger investments the pressure to attain maximum returns on investment is daunting. So, the researchers keep a close watch on every activity that would yield them output. Many agencies outsource the tracking process to facilitate the process of monitoring.

Often, companies are at their wit’s end to understand what works the best in consumer advertising. As a result of that, they engage in more and more research to determine the same. To facilitate this, advertising tracking comes to the rescue. Every organisation has their own structured ways to attain understanding on market, monitor warning signals, solving issues and study reports after that. The need is to have a seamless streamlined process and everything shall fall into place thereafter.

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