5 Step to Develop Effective Marketing Communication Strategy

An effective marketing communications strategy gives in a better, more constant brand experience. The end result of it is more sales. Here are 5 steps to develop effective Marketing Communication Strategy: Understand your Audience: All effective marketing efforts begin with a thorough understanding of your audience. Start by evaluating your current clients and why they selected your products or services. Put a Research Strategy in place to help fill in any gaps relating to demographics, purchase patterns and other perceptions. Reveal Your Unique Selling Proposition Your USP is the main advantage that, when transferred effectively, drives sales of your product or service. It emphases on a unique problem that you resolve better than anyone else. Your USP must be persuasive and strong enough to move people to act. Sharpen Your Brand Look & Feel From logos to visiting cards and marketing collateral, your brand must connect to the customer in a modern, relevant manner. It desires to support your operational USP and precisely represent your market position. Be honest, sincere and true to the heart of your business. Choose Your Marketing Mix With all of the current developments in online marketing, there are more conducts to communicate than ever before….

Need and Importance of Marketing Research Process for a Business
Market Research / January 9, 2017

A business may face many kind of marketing problems. It faces complications related to its product or service, price, location and promotion. Other problems that can come in front of a business are product design, packaging, branding, advertising, marketing channels etc. Some marketing problems are very serious and therefore using marketing research as an important tool to solve marketing problems. The Marketing Process helps to get the right product or service at the right place with the right value to the right individual. Besides, it was also essential to go back and find whether customer is getting optimal satisfaction, so that consumer remains trustworthy. Today marketing research is playing a vital role globally and Singapore and UK Clients who are looking at entering Indian market are taking it very seriously. The subsequent points explain the importance of marketing research process: 1. Recognizing Problem and Prospects in the Market: The process helps in recognizing new market opportunities for present and new products. It also provides information on market share, nature of competition, customer gratification, sales performances and network of distribution. 2. Formulating Market Strategies: Manufactures find it problematic to contact customers and control distribution channels and the customer needs are difficult…

When to Hire a Market Research Agency
Market Research / December 6, 2016

For small businesses, the decision to hire a Market Research Agency is usually calculated carefully. One must consider the scale of operation as well as company needs when making the decision. In a competitive economy, businesses need every help they can get. Market research has emerged as an indispensable tool in this scenario. It gives us valuable data on consum-ers, market conditions, channels as well as the competition. This is data that can be used for a multitude of organizational functions, such as marketing, communication as well as ad promotion. For many small businesses, however, the decision on hiring a Market Research Agencies is not always easy. Lack of funds often stops such businesses from making this extra out-lay. So, how do you decide if you are in need of an agency? How can you hire an agency with a minimal budget? The decision to whether or not hire a market research agency depends on the scale of your operation as well as your budgetary constraints. In some cases, it may be essential, such as in the case of companies from countries like UK and Singapore entering the Indian Market. But here is a simple test to gauge your need…

Get the Strategic Edge with Coral Research Services

At Coral Research Services we are experts at strategic research on various as-pects of an organisation, such as consumers, product and brand. One of the main ingredients forming of a strategic plan is data. We cannot plan for the fu-ture unless we know what is happening in the present. This is where strategic research comes in. It is the systematic collecting and analysing of data for the purpose of creating strategies. At Coral Research Services we provide research on the three key components of any or-ganisation — product, brand and the user. Each of these plays an equally important role and must be considered when planning for growth and development. Strategic Research can be for both short-term and long-term. In the short-term, we use it for creating immedi-ate campaigns, such as an ad campaign. In the long-term, we use it to provide for the long-term goals of an organisation. At Coral Research Services, some of the strategic research services we provide are: Category research — Usage & attitude: What are the factors that decide how and why consumers are using the product? — Triggers & barriers: What are the cultural, social or economical constraints that can ef-fect the usage or…