Offline Marketing and Its Importance in the Digital Era

June 16, 2017

Online and social media marketing have definitely taken the world by a storm. The marketing strategies seem to be overlapping in today’s digitised world and are flooded with online advertisements. The question arises – have traditional methods of promotions and marketing mix have taken a back seat?

The media channels which are not connected to internet are termed as offline channels. With the advent of the internet, it appeared as if getting on social media was the ultimate goal for some brands. Though online marketing is more cost effective in comparison, it is used as a parallel medium with offline marketing methods to have a complete marketing mix. To be able to do so efficiently, the marketing communications person has to be well versed with the practical aspect of the techniques of management and advertising.

It’s a given that any company will have their own website, it is like a mandate to do so to keep in touch with their target groups and customers, the companies often deploy offline methodologies as well. A latest research by google in collaboration with Ipsos MediCT indicated that despite the fact that online methods are immensely popular, offline channels like print media, billboards, pamphlets, TV and radio still play a pivotal role in marketing campaigns.

The fact that a lot of people cannot be reached online every time cannot be ignored. To reach the offline market, an effective 360 degree marketing strategy is required. Understanding this offline target audience is critical, hence qualitative market research is required. Based on the qualitative research agency’s findings, the marketing or advertising stratgy can be executed using the classical methods of print media like newspapers, magazines, flyers or even electronic means such as TV or radio.

Word of mouth is often underrated but it in fact is very effective. Spreading the positive word by talking to people in all the circles that we possibly move in, the data of success can be really surprising. A lot of people admit that they bought a certain product based on recommendation of others instead of being influenced by an advertisement. Therefore peer recommendation is the number one influencer online and offline too.

Personal letters, trade shows and cold calls have still not lost their importance. We can imagine the same by thinking about the number of calls we receive every day. Also events are a big hit these days. Sponsoring an event or getting someone eminent to speak at a company event still catches attention and in turn impacts sales. Freebies, coupons etc. are still a means to attract attention.

The importance of traditional means of marketing cannot be undermined. Any great marketing campaign will definitely include offline marketing methods to have a complete campaign to promote their brand. In the digital times, while everyone’s judgement is being influenced by online and social media, offline marketing strategies still thrive and continue to create awareness and impact.

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