Psychology That Drives Customers

June 20, 2017

It doesn’t matter whether the sale is happening online or offline or what channels are the marketing campaigners choosing, what strategy is being utilised. There will always be something common that will influence the psychology of a consumer.

Human behaviour is usually driven by pleasure. People want to avoid being sad and look for means to be happy. An army man derives pleasure by fighting for the country because they associate the act with feeling of serving the nation.  So to be able to influence a customer in a marketing scenario, one needs to know what will influence them. To do so, one needs to be able to identify the target audience.

The motive should be to appeal to the psyche of a customer – what exactly are they seeking and what they want to get out of it. By applying the right strategic mix, it becomes easier to reach the desired goal. And the convenience of the whole process enables the customer to associate with the brand because of the pleasure they achieved from whole exercise. This works not just on a psychological level but also at a neurological level ie the brain responds better to a positive experience vis-à-vis a negative experience.

Today, people consider both negative as well as positive experiences when they want to make a decision to buy something. There are too many options that it is always difficult to choose or reach a conclusion. The marketing personnel may want to evaluate both these factors while designing a marketing strategy. Here, they would want to look at the willingness and the desires and make the entire experience pleasurable.

At the same time, novelty also has a big impact on consumer behaviour. Perhaps that’s the reason brands introduce new models of their products from time to time or just revamp their marketing campaigns. People upgrade or choose a new phone often because of the same reason. People’s brains stimulate at the idea of investing in a new product. Though this can also backfire at times if the brand doesn’t connect well in terms of experience with the target market group or sometimes also due to lack of credibility.

The message/ story must be conveyed properly otherwise it will fail to make an impact and the whole marketing exercise will go for a toss. The goal is to be as creative as possible but in the simplest possible way at the same time. People will usually choose the most convenient option to avoid exerting their minds or bodies. By nature humans are lazy and want to avoid making an effort and still achieve the desired results. Ultimately it comes down to pleasure. Give them what they want and leave behind a positive impression, keeping in mind the price factor at the same time. The customer must feel that they have been given either a freebie or a discount. No one wants to pay a high price!

The right research in the right direction is the key to reach and influence the psychology of a consumer and there is no way that the right target audience is not reached and the desired sales is achieved. Marketing techniques are an aid to win the customer but what triggers them the most needs to be identified before applying the strategic mix.

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