Qualitative Market Research Services: Getting Deep Into Research

April 4, 2016

Qualitative market researchQualitative market research is about asking not just what people think, but why and how they think it. It is about getting an audience to talk in detail about their opinions, likes and dislikes. This means one gets to know the motivations, feelings and emotions about those opinions and values.

The feedback, because of the process of enquiry, is in-depth. This is valuable when new products have to be developed or new marketing strategies and initiatives need to be developed. This helps any enterprise test reactions and refine the approach to the target audience.

Qualitative Marketing Research studies complex phenomena within their contexts, and is helpful in

  • New product idea generation and development
  • Investigating current or potential product/service/brand positioning and marketing strategy
  • Strengths and weaknesses of products/brands
  • Understanding dynamics of purchase decision dynamics
  • Studying reactions to advertising and public relations campaigns, other marketing communications, graphic identity/branding, package design, etc.
  • Exploring market segments, such as demographic and customer groups
  • Assessing the usability of websites or other interactive products or services
  • Understanding perceptions of a company, brand, category and product

So an agency that does QMR should be able to carry out and analyse bespoke market research on behalf of the business or enterprise. Using a professional market research company can ensure that you get the right information so that the strategic decisions you make are based on reliable market intelligence. Market research agencies will also help make sure you’re complying with current data protection legislation. They will give you objective feedback – vital when it’s your idea, product or business.

It is worth checking if they have the wherewithal to give you the information you seek. An ad agency, for example, should be able to research advertising effectiveness. Innovation in research methodologies also sets good aand reliable qualitative marketing research agencies from the average ones. Qualitative marketing research is about getting people to elaborate on their answers. A good qualitative marketing research agency then, acts on not just economic triggers, but also psychosomatic and psychological responses and devises their research methodology accordingly.

As long as you understand your own needs and diagnose what you want, a quick check on what each agency can do will allow you to choose better.

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