Reaching the target audience through effective Communication Development and evaluation

August 14, 2017

The Consumer today is surrounded by different communication round the clock. Thanks to the socially networked, multi-media world we are living in today. Hence, the need for proper evaluation and development of communication to capture the target consumers.

Before a particular communication is designed and developed for the consumer base, it is essential to understand the information needs of the consumer, communication elements that are important to be included, the type and tone of messages that need to be developed to maximize its appeal and gain credibility.

For an effective marketing strategy and developing the right communication requires the following to be kept in mind:

  1. Know your target audience in and out

The better you know your consumer base, the better you will be able to appeal to their senses. Knowing them thoroughly is the first step towards developing a successful communication plan. If there isn’t much information than a research plan is imperative. Find out the consumers’ demography, purchase patterns and other insights required.

  1. Identify your Unique Selling proposition (USP)

If you identify and focus on the USP of the product, then it becomes easy to design a focused communication strategy. But the USP has to be compelling and strong to attract consumers. This USP then becomes central to all the communication designed henceforth.

  1. Consistent communication

Once a logo has been decided, some brand identity created, or some keywords identified, sticking to them helps in creating a long-term association in the mind of the consumer. Consistent use of it, in all the communication, will further strengthen the brand identity in the consumers’ mind.

  1. Selecting the right medium of communication

The choices are innumerable. Right from TV, radio, internet to print ads and social media – when and what to place where is essential for effective communication. Scaling up the communication in the right manner from one to another medium makes the communication more persuasive.

Communicating the message is not enough. Tracking the results of the communication will help in evaluating if you succeeded or not. A combination of qualitative and quantitative means will provide important information for evaluation. The results of the evaluation will give the best overview of the communication method and strategy, its effectiveness. It is essential for developing and enhancing further communication. A critical evaluation will help in improving its effectiveness and making more informed choices for further use.


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