Shopper Behaviour Analysis for developing effective marketing strategies

August 8, 2017

What drives a shopper to make a purchase is the key to unravel the competitive dynamics of the category a product needs to be placed in.

The factors that influence the way one shops, and makes a purchase are many. The decision can be based on advertisements, brand, price, pack size or a combination of all. To understand and analyze what can influence a shopper’s behavior the following questions can be asked:

  1. Who are the buyers for your products and services?

What is the gender, age group, social class of the buyer? Figure out the type of buyer who will go for your product. Zero down upon who will be your target consumer.

  1. Who is the decision maker when it comes to buying the product?

It is not necessary that the one who made the final purchase is the decision maker. The decision could be of someone else and the buyer could just be buying on someone’s behalf.

  1. Who influences the decision-making?

Most of the time it is the person who dominates in the family, makes the decision. When it comes to household items, wives tend to make the choice or even children nowadays. Many ads can be seen targeting children as the makers are confident, these little ones do have a say in their homes these days.

  1. How is the purchase decision reached at?

It is imperative to know how the purchase decision is made within a family. Does it go from the child to the parents or from spouse to spouse, or from the head of the family down to the younger lot.

  1. Why is the product being bought?

Another important thing to know is what makes the consumer buy a particular product. What are the reasons behind the need to buy that particular product.

  1. What makes the consumer prefer one brand over the other?

Many consumers are loyal to a particular brand. It is imperative to know why and what attracts this brand loyalty.

  1. From where are the consumers buying the product?

Today the consumer has ample choice when it comes to from to the place to buy products. Online stores, convenience stores, retail market, wholesale market – plethora of choices. This part of the consumer gives an insight into how much effort a consumer takes to buy a particular product.

A proper insight into this aspect of the consumer helps to rationalize the range and category of the products that are more attractive to buyers.

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