Tactical Research – Testing And Evaluation Of Product Usability, Packaging And Advertising Strategies

May 12, 2017

Tactical Research is mainly designed to take a decision about a product before introducing it in the market. Some of the points that can be covered in here are packing design, the colour of the product, weight and others.

Tactical Research takes place in three different steps in most of the cases. These steps are:

  • Communication Development and Evaluation,
  • Product Development and Evaluation,
  • Packaging Development and Evaluation.

Communication Development and Evaluation

This is all about the advertisement of the product that has to be launched in the market. There are a number of strategies which the brand can use to position itself correctly in the market. Some of the strategies used are:

  • Pre-testing of the advertisement so that any flaw can be detected and corrected,
  • Other methods are used such as proper concept development, evaluation and recycling of the concept and also funnelling through social media that can draw in more audience towards the main target.

Product Development and Evaluation

This step is concerned with the product that has to be launched in the market. Obviously the product has to pass all the testing levels. Hence, here are some of the ways that can prove the product as near to perfect.

  • Product concept evaluation so that the customers can be sure about the need of the product,
  • Prototype evaluation is a method where a digitised dummy is created to see the response of the audience,
  • Usability testing is the method to check how easy it is to use the product among real customers.

Packaging Development and Evaluation

This is the final step that consists of packaging evaluation and testing. Packaging is of course an important step because the outer cover is, sometimes, enough to attract the customers so that they can go ahead to have check out the product inside. The steps that are covered under this category are:

  • Semiotic decoding of the message from the brand to the customers,
  • Evaluation of the packaging of the product,
  • Evaluation of the graphics such as logo of the brand and the product and others.

Maintaining these methods and steps can surely ensure about the quality of the product, packaging and advertisement for the product in order to ensure good sales strategy.

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