Finding Your Brand Story with Market Research Agency
Market Research / August 16, 2016

Creating a brand story starts with finding the right information of your market. A market research agency is invaluable in curating such facts and figures. One of the most interesting trends in branding today is the emergence is of brand story. Unlike traditional advertising, a brand story attempts to create a longer-standing and deeper connection with the consumer. By weaving a story around a brand, we can make it more relatable and easy to recall. Every brand has a story to tell, only now we know how to package it better. With the right marker research agency we create a story that talks to the people we are targeting in a language they understand. Social media impact There is no doubt that the social media changed the way marketeers were looking at advertising. Suddenly, we had a medium that could reach out to millions simultaneously with almost no cost. We could use this medium to create stories using multiple means — from videos, graphics, photos, news stories, blogs and more. Suddenly, brands had stories to tell that lasted longer than a five minute ad. In addition, here we have the viewers leaving comments, likes and best of all, shares. You…

Getting Local Expertise with Market Research Consulting
Market Research Consulting / August 13, 2016

For global companies the biggest challenge lies in localising their product and marketing campaign. The solution may just lie with hiring a local market research consulting firm. We live in the age of contradictions. Globalisation that drives localisation, the need for overall knowledge with the emphasis on expertise. Cost-cutting has forced businesses to be streamlined. Yet, the business environment gets more and more complex. So, the question is, where do we go? If you are a global enterprise, how do you tackle the need for local expertise? How do you balance your expenses when the running costs shoot up everyday? For many foreign companies, especially UK and Singapore firms looking at Indian markets, these are the very questions that can make the difference between success and failure. The answer lies in outsourcing, especially to market research consulting. It may sound like marketing drivel, but in this age of resource crunch it makes more than just sound financial benefit. Market research essentially centres around the individual. The average buyer is shaped by his/her needs, environment, upbringing, tastes and trends. So, you need someone who understands that local ethos. After all, how can a researchers even start framing a questionnaire if she…

Online Gamification for Qualitative Research Agency

Gamification has proven to be one of the most effective means of engaging and sustaining responder interest for online qualitative research agencies. The biggest challenge in online qualitative research is creating and sustaining the respondent’s interest. Unlike a traditional focus group, online groups are not under one roof. Hence, the researcher must find means of keeping the group engaged on the test in hand. Online market research communities usually have a more focused interest. But, here too one must find ways to keep things interesting and innovative. Gamification is one of the best solutions to this challenge. For some time now qualitative research agencies have been using this tactic to engage its focus groups. Online groups, even MROCs need sustained motivation to participate in a project. A number of market research agencies servicing Singapore and UK clients are using this technique to engage their participants. What is gamification? Simply put, gamification is the process of turning research modules into games. Instead of a dry questionnaire, researchers have to create games and contests that will include the same queries, only in a more engaging and interactive way. These games often involve incentives and prizes for people who reach a certain goal….

Jugaad and The Indian Market Research Services Industry

What makes market research services in India so successful? It is the famous Indian jagaad. Born out of necessity, it is a testament of our innovative and never-die-attitude. India’s past social economy has given us some interesting characteristics. The scarcity of resources forced us to improvise and from this comes the famous Indian jugaad. It has given rise to inventions that use whatever available to create something that is functional, local and cheap. Despite the opening up of its markets, for foreign companies from UK and Singapore, India can still be a difficult country to navigate when doing business. One could say that it is because they lack our instinctive trick of jugaad. The Indian jagaad has become one of our defining characteristics and one that gives a decided edge to market research services in India. Facing any obstacle: Bad roads, fluctuating electricity, unreliable transportation system — we have learnt to expect them and provide for a back-up plan. A good planner will sometimes have second and even third back-up plan! Tenacity: The reason for jugaad is our sheer stubbornness — the refusal to give up no matter what. It is the concept of using what you have and making…