Consumer Research Services: helping better understand your target customer
Consumer Research / April 27, 2017

Consumer Research Services help companies gain an insight into a buyer’s mind, understand their preferences and buying behavior for their product and services, in turn helping deliver an enhanced value. Staying ahead in today’s competitive scenario requires a deeper understanding of your customer and consumer research services provide a systematic collection and evaluation of data regarding customer’s needs and motivations towards a particular product or service, helping chart out better marketing strategies. With the ever expanding marketing and technology scenario, explosion of data and fast pace of digital marketing; these consumer services have become an integral part of a company’s short and long term strategy decisions. The consumer research services can help businesses understand their consumer’s perceptions, buying habits, expectations and shortcomings with their product or services, compared to competition, leading to better optimization. It also helps companies understand the effect of market variables on their products and is very helpful for providing an insight before the launch of a new product. Since the research is customized with focus exclusively on consumers, it is a much faster with cost-effective solutions and precise and objective results, making it much preferred choice for today’s businesses faced with ever-changing and growing demands of…

Qualitative Market Research: providing a better insight into consumer behavior

Qualitative market research helps you have an inside look in your consumer’s perception and behavior towards your product/brand, helping improve your future decision making leading to better return on Investments (RoIs). Qualitative market research is the unstructured or semi-structured way of data collection and analysis of a consumer’s lifestyle behavior, and in-depth research of ‘why’ a consumer behaves in a certain way. It helps in future decision-making of an organization. The research entails detailed interviews, participation observation, using innovation games, group discussions and case studies. Qualitative market research is often used before the introduction of a new product idea and its development; when exploring new markets/demographics/customer groups; to assess the strength and weaknesses of a particular product/brand; for product positioning and marketing strategy, company/brand perceptions or assessing the reaction to a mass communication campaign – giving the qualitative research a wider usage scope for any type and size of an enterprise. Due to complexity of data, Qualitative research uses small group of people with similar set of characteristics (like backgrounds, attitudes/nature and demographics) and a predetermined topic. But organizations should be careful to as qualitative market research is more dependent on the skills of the researcher. Considering that there is…

Market Research Specialist — to Outsource or go In-house
Market Research / November 1, 2016

Market Research Specialists demand top-notch salaries. Should you go for an in-house team or outsource your work? Read our lists of pros and cons before you decide. Market research is an important function for any modern business today. Whether a small business or a big corporate, research is important for forming strategies, understanding one’s market, bringing innovations and constant evaluation. The question often, though, is whether one should hire an in-house team or outsource to a research firm. There are many option in both case — hire a specialist or a team as a permanent employees. Alternatively, you can outsource your work to a research firm or a Market Research Specialist in India. Before you make a decision, consider the pros and cons of both cases. Keeping things in-house Cons — Raise in fixed costs in terms of salaries, real estate, overheads etc. — It can be too expensive for smaller or start-up firm who cannot stretch beyond essentials. — Expertise is expensive and hiring a team of experts can just rack up the costs. — The team or specialist can get too entrenched. Pros — You have dedicated people at your disposal. — There are few problems with communication…

Tips for Singapore Clients Looking Indian Qualitative Research Firm

Singapore is not just one of India’s top investor in the ASEAN region, it happens to be its second biggest investor. It contributed 16% of the total FDI received in April to December 2015. This trade is not limited to just investments. Many Singapore firms are also looking to open shop in the very profitable Indian market. But one cannot enter the Indian market blindly. Although both the countries are Asian, the Indian market is completely different from Singapore. A Qualitative Research Company is often the only way to understand the peculiarities of the Indian market and its consumers. So, here are some tips for Singapore clients looking for qualitative research company in India: 1.) Don’t go with the size. Qualitative agencies in India come in all shapes and sizes — new and old, small and big. You may be tempted to go for the big one with an established name, but that would be rather shortsighted. A small, new firm will be hungry for success and more likely to use cutting-edge techniques. 2.) Instead, find an agency with the relevant experience. An experienced agency will have the contacts and know-how of the market. 3.) Insist on meeting your team….