Tips for Singapore Clients Looking Indian Qualitative Research Firm

October 6, 2016

Singapore is not just one of India’s top investor in the ASEAN region, it happens to be its second biggest investor. It contributed 16% of the total FDI received in April to December 2015. This trade is not limited to just investments. Many Singapore firms are also looking to open shop in the very profitable Indian market.

But one cannot enter the Indian market blindly. Although both the countries are Asian, the Indian market is completely different from Singapore. A Qualitative Research Company is often the only way to understand the peculiarities of the Indian market and its consumers. So, here are some tips for Singapore clients looking for qualitative research company in India:

1.) Don’t go with the size. Qualitative agencies in India come in all shapes and sizes — new and old, small and big. You may be tempted to go for the big one with an established name, but that would be rather shortsighted. A small, new firm will be hungry for success and more likely to use cutting-edge techniques.

2.) Instead, find an agency with the relevant experience. An experienced agency will have the contacts and know-how of the market.

3.) Insist on meeting your team. Keep in mind that the team making the presentation may not be the actual team that will work on your campaign. In all likelihood they are there because they are good at client interaction. So, insist on meeting the people who will do the actual work.

4. ) Ask for references.

5.) Ask past clients about their experience. In particular, ask them how responsive the agency was. Ask them how they handled a crisis. It shows their ability to handle difficult situations that are bound to come up.

6.) Check if they are willing to work on your time and convenience. For Singapore clients looking for Qualitative Research Company in India, a flexibility of time and schedule will be necessary for a smooth partnership.

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