Our story

“If you only do what you can do, you will never be more than you are now”- Master Oogway

And it is with this driving philosophy, that we embarked on our journey in 2010.


The Coral advantage

What makes us different? What makes us tick?

At Coral, the life defining philosophy behind every action and endeavor is ‘EMPATHY’.


What we do

Lets avoid stating the obvious- But we should –We
love what we do!

And it shows in our approach, our understanding, our commitment and it reflects in our output.


How we do

The human journey of ‘In-sight’ and ‘Out-sight’ truths is best discovered through communication and observation.

For a holistic 360˚ view, it is important to garner insights in the context of the external environment, cultural framework.



Based out of Delhi, we have an extensive pan-India presence across urban as well as rural geographies.

We run a tight ship and closely monitor, to deliver transparency and accuracy on projects.

So come – collaborate with us and experience the difference!