For a holistic 360˚ view, it is important to garner insights in the context of the external environment, cultural framework.


Understanding the four P’s of each human base or interest group – to determine the most effective way to connect with them in the context of their inner world, need states.


Understanding the R’s of each human base or interest group to understand his/her outer world and socio-economic-cultural context.


PERSONALITY – an inside view of the self which is masked for the outside world. It is how a person likes to view himself/herself and which thereby influences his/her choices and preferences

PERCEPTIONS – an inside view of the outside world, which shapes one’s attitudes and influences decision-making and personal choices

PRIORITIES – of functional and emotional need states, which are again influenced by the familial and the external world

POSSIBILITIES – an identification of existing and emerging need gaps, through an understanding of the latent and the cognitive


REFLECTION – an understanding of image projection i.e. how the person wishes the world to view him/her and what is the source of this need projection

REACTIONS – which determines how the person responds to external stimuli, based on internalized belief systems. It is important to understand and differentiate between the cognitive and the latent responses, at functional and emotional levels

RELATIONSHIPS – an understanding of how the person wishes to connect and the desired strength of the engagement. This would help in understanding what aids or impacts the connect

RESOURCES - decide how mentally, physically, emotionally and financially fit is a human, to cope and interact in the external world. An identification of the needs, need gaps helps provide the context to understanding reactions